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Zemi Coffee Cart

A Betancourt Family Company

Zemi is on a mission to bring the taste and culture of Puerto Rico to you!

You can catch us on the streets in a pedal powered coffee cart that offers a unique experience.
Mobile and Pedal Powered

Cart + Hours

That's right, it's a coffee cart on a bike! That means we can get to you where others can't.  Leveraging electrical pedal assist, we can cruise across multiple locations.  

Summer is upon us!  Weekends are packed with block parties so catch us during the week below: 

Zemi Merch Is Here!!

Menu Check
Summer Add Ons

Coco Cold Brew 16oz (Optional Coconut Cream Topper)


  • Limade

  • Parcha Fresas(Passion fruit + Strawberries)

Iced Latte and Iced Chai Latte

Traditional Menu

Zemi Cortado 

Shot + 1oz of steamed milk + cinnamon

Zemi Americano 12oz or 16oz

Shot of espresso + water topped with 1oz steamed milk and a skadoosh of vanilla

Cafe con Leche (Zemi Style) 12oz or 16oz

Drip Coffee topped with steamed milk and a skadoosh of vanilla


Traditional Macchiato

Single shot + foam

Traditional Latte

 12oz  = 1 shot + steamed milk

 16oz  = 2 shots + steamed milk


Traditional Cappuccino

 12oz = 1 shot + some milk some foam 

"Easy Drinker" Drip Coffee  12oz or 16oz


Cocoa Rico "Hot Chocolate" 12oz or 16oz

Chai Latte(Dirty or Regular) 12oz or 16oz

We are on a mission to help people enjoy the taste of great coffee....not milk!

Zemi What?

zemi atabey

Zemis are the spiritual deities of the Taíno people who are the Indigenous people of Puerto Rico and other Caribbean islands. 


Zemi Coffe Cart honors our cultural roots with Atabey, the supreme goddess and one of two supreme Zemis, as our logo. 

From the mountains of Puerto Rico, to your cup! 

coqui bag_edited.png

Owner and founder, Dominique Betancourt is tapping into her family roots and culture to bring Puerto Rican coffee into the coffee scene.


For 100s of years, Puerto Rican coffee had dominated the world coffee consumption as the coffee of choice for the Vatican and beyond.   Zemi Coffee Cart has partnered with El Coqui Cafe, to proudly serve Puerto Rican coffee from the mountains of San Sebastian.  

From our vibrant colors, to Dominique's vibrant personality this won't be your average cup of coffee! 

puerto rico
We love a good party!

Contact Us


We'd love to bring a unique experience to your next event, opening, hang out or anything really! 


Coffee never disapoints...well maybe other coffee but not Zemi's easy drinker coffee and espresso. 

We look forward to connecting!

Thanks for submitting!

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